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December 06 2017


Hell Let Loose - Game project confident "completely reproduce the nature of war" has just been announced

Hell Let Loose - This is the first game of WWII, officially launched Kickstarter campaign to contribute capital to start the project.

Talking about calling for community funding through Kichstarter, the NSX game is confident that they will soon reach their goal, thanks to the breakthroughs that red dead redemption 2 pc promises to bring to players. .

"The fact that you've never experienced a WWII shooter in the way that it did," said Black Matter, an NSX representative on PCGamer. "Hell Let Loose will do. change that. This game will give you the most comprehensive and realistic view of the war: overwhelming tanks and armor on the battlefield, powerful naval and naval firepower, or the construction of The line, the fortress lasts hundreds of kilometers ... "
According to the NSX, Hell Let Loose will be a product that combines FPS and RTS (real-time strategy). The unique features of this game are:

Military units: Players can engage in various types of battalions on the battlefield such as air force, navy, tank, vehicle, infantry, and logistics. A similar form to Company of Heroes, but built on a much larger scale.
Big Campaigns: Players will participate in a series of major battles in history, stretching from the Eastern Front (Germany-Soviet) to the West (Germany-Allied), or the Thai Front Binh Duong (Japan-US), such as the Moscow Campaign, the Kursk Roundabout, the Normandy Landings, the Berlin Operation ...

December 05 2017


How to get fast hair growth naturally?

There are many tips to get fast hair growth. But if you do not need to make your hair growth in short time, you can enhance your hair growth ability by notes in this article.

How to care your hair in right way

Wipe the hair: Do not simply wipe the hair with a dry towel and rub the water out, but use a soft cotton towel to gently wipe the hair. This way will not only protect the hair roots (because when the hair is wet, hair roots “hatch” will be very weak) but also avoid drying hair. You should not twist your hair to dry because the weak hair root is the cause of hair loss and drying hair cause of twist.
Applying a conditioner: Apply a layer of conditioner before using the brush. This helps not only the hair is moisturized, but also help brushing hair.

Brush wet hair: Wet hair is very fragile, vulnerable. When the hair is wet, the hair is stretched, so hair is is to breakage. Experts advise not to brush your hair immediately after shampooing. However, if you can not ignore this step, then you need to brush properly.
A bristle brush can be used to brush the hair in the right direction; Hold a handful of hair and brush from the middle of the hair to the ends of the hair, then brush from the roots to the middle of the hair. Brushing your hair does not get tangled up; It also stimulates the blood circulation in the root of the hair, while also massaging the hair and scalp to help comfort, ease, reduce headaches.
Do not use too much dryer: many people choose to use the dryer to dry hair. However, this is very harmful to hair, easy to dry hair, split and not to mention the heat of the dryer easy to lose hair. When you have to use hairdryer, let the hair dryer to the hair roots (not too close to the scalp), it is helpful to dry the scalp does not cause dandruff, foul hair and still retain the shine of hair
No styling when hair wet: when Stretching, drying at high temperatures causes the hair to boil, evaporate quickly and cause damage to the hair, resulting in dry hair, break.

Note to take care hair

Find the best shampoo and hair care products for your hair. You should choose baby shampoos or herbal hair care products. These products will less damage to your fast-growing hair.
When having the best hair care products, wash your hair three times a week. After shampooing, you can add almonds, olive oil and jojoba oil to your long-growing hair.
Hot-incubation your hair in about 20 minutes. This will stimulate your hair to be beautiful and grow faster.
Take care of your hair with products dedicated to stimulating thick hair.

Take your dry hair for 5 minutes and take care of some hair growth products. Keeps hair growth healthy and optimal.
Continue the hair care with these hair care products for about 3 weeks. And you will be thick, long, healthy in a very short time.

In addition to, interest in how to help hair grow fast, our website also updated the most attractive games today: hell let loose, metal gear survive cancelled,... so you can relax after a stressful working day.

December 04 2017


33 Facebook tips and tricks everyone should know

There's a lot you can do with Facebook. It's the app you likely spend the majority of your time using on your phone, whether it's for finding the latest news or staying in touch with friends.

We've collected some of the best tips and tricks you may not know about. It's time to start using Facebook like a pro.

1. See something interesting in your News Feed but don't have time to look at it now? You can save it for later.
Your bookmarked links, videos, photos, places, and more are accessible from the "Saved" page on your Facebook profile. The page is included under the "More" tab in the Facebook mobile app.
Perfect for saving all of Tech Insider's amazing articles for later.

2. Never get a request to play Candy Crush again.

There's a way to keep annoying Facebook games like Candy Crush from spamming you with invites.

Under the "More" tab in Facebook's mobile app, select "Settings" then "Account Settings" followed by "Notifications." Go to "Mobile," scroll all the way down, and uncheck "Application Invites."

3. Turn your profile pic into an animated GIF.
From the Facebook mobile app, select your profile picture and then "Take a New Profile Video" to upload a short video loop of yourself. The result looks like a mix between an animated GIF and a moving picture frame straight out of Harry Potter.
4. Stay on top of the hottest news with what's trending on Facebook.
The topics that are currently being talked about the most on Facebook are featured on the Trending list, which is accessible to the right of the News Feed on the desktop and under the search bar in Facebook's mobile app.

December 01 2017


Gather all your Hotmail, Gmail accounts on Windows

It’s difficult to sign in Hotmail, Gmail to check all your email in each mailbox. Just a few simple steps, you can “gather” many common email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail into a email app on Windows.

Nowadays, the number of computer users owning two email accounts is increasing. Centralized management of these accounts on a single eMail Client application is something that many users are interested in.

During the development of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has allowed users to add various mail accounts to their integrated Mail client.

What’s special here is that you can easily add popular mail accounts. Such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, HotMail, AOL Mail to the Microsoft Mail application. And it is very simple follow the steps below.
Firstly, from the Start Screen screen interface, click the Mail icon to activate this application.

And you must be logged in with your Microsoft account to be able to use this Mail application.

If you do not have an account, you can also sign up. You sign up it by clicking the Sign up for a Microsoft account link and following the on-screen instructions.
In the Mail application interface, move the mouse on the right corner of the screen. Then you select “Settings> Accounts> Add an account” as the screenshot below.

November 30 2017


11 Things that can harm your beauty face

You spend a lot of times for beauty care and have a beauty appearance. But sometime, you are inadvertent and destroy your effort of face skin care by using 11 following things. In any cases, do not use these 11 things on your face.

Hair spray

You should not let the hairspray meet directly with your face when you are spraying your hair on the head, as it contains paints and alcohol to make your skin dry, dehydrate and also make you look older. In addition, they are easy to harm your skin, causing the skin to become red, swollen and scarier.

Deodorant is thought to the be only used for the area under the arms, but some people still believe it can stop sweat in all other areas, and many girls do it on everywhere. They Test them on the face as a way to prevent sweat from breaking down the make-up layer. This is completely wrong because it causes your face to not “breathe” and also cause allergic reactions.

Let the beauty products do the right use for you.

Hair dyes

If you are a regular dying hair person and want your eyebrow to match your hair color, then you should use an organic color or look for a suitable eyebrow drawn kit instead of dying your brows with hair dye. Because the chemical components in the dye are very harmful to the sensitive skin and may also damage the eye.

Vegetable grease
Although this type of fat can be applied to the skin as a way to cure psoriasis, but it is too “heavy” for the skin on face and can even clog pores and lead to acne formation.

Shampoo cleanses the scalp, removes excess oil and dirt from the hair, and does not mean it is suitable for facial cleansing. However, the shampooing process is quite easy to make the shampoo stick to your face, you should be aware, because the elements on the skin are extremely sensitive, and if they let them come in meeting, the face will become to be dry and peeling.

Serum for hair
We often mistakenly think that serum products are good and can be used on the skin (because serum is mainly used for skin care). However, depending on the type of serum they have different specific uses. If it is a hair serum, it is only effective for hair, cannot remove wrinkles or solve other problems of the skin. In addition, the serum hair conditioners contain odorants which, if exposed, can cause damage skin.

November 21 2017


3D movies are not guarantee for sale in America

New statistics show that the 3D format no longer bringing big sale in the North American theaters seven years ago, it’s the most topic viewed on many free online movies websites.

2010 is considered the golden time for 3D movies when 21% of the $ 10.6 billion in total North American box office revenue comes from that format. The $ 2.22 billion deal with Avatar, which was released in late 2009, included Alice In Wonderland and Toy Story 3.

But by 2016, the achievement of 3D format fell to $ 1.6 billion, a decrease of 8% from 2015. It is worth to mention that the decline occurred when total box office revenues in North America increased to a record $ 11.4 billion in 2016 . As such, the 3D format only accounts for 14% of the revenue pie.
According to Box Office Mojo, the most successful 3D movie of 2016 is Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book, with 43% of its first week of release from that format. Of course, that number is far less than the 70% that Avatar made in late 2009, but still better than the average 30-35% in 2016.

Currently, many IMAX cinemas in the US have claimed they want to win more titles for 2D rather than 3D based on the needs of the audience. IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster revealed that they did not abandon 3D movies, but “3D is no longer the top format movie.”

He explains that there are about 35 IMAX movies in theaters every year, but the number of IMAX 3D movies will drop to 5- 10 movies in the next few years.

3D formats are still welcome in international markets. A statistic shows that 56% of digital projections outside North America are showing 3D movies. The same figure in the US and Canada is only 39%.
ComScore analyst Paul Dergarabedian said: “3D format came so fast in 2010 that a lot of studios rushed to convert their movies to this format, even though they did not prepare for this format from the beginning “.

“Audiences are smart enough to recognize the difference in quality between a film recorded with a 3D camcorder, or even a carefully converted 3D film like the Titanic. They do not want to spend money on such movies anymore, “he emphasized.

2016s is not a successful year for 3D movies. But according many free online movies sites, there are many movies, which we can expect in the future.

Director James Cameron will surely film the next four installments of Avatar in 3D. Even cherishing the audience for 3D films without glasses by using new technology. In addition, Alita: Battle Angel, which he played as producer, was also recorded with a 3D camera from the beginning.

After the success of The Jungle Book, director Jon Favreau is about to tell the famous story of The Lion King. And he will also apply the advanced technology of 3D camcorders to the live-action version of the Lion King.
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